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Remote Radiology Reporting

Professional Radiology Outcomes (PRO) is an industry-leading service that offers cutting-edge remote radiology reporting to healthcare professionals in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. 

We utilise innovative technology and expertise in all major medical imaging modalities which makes us an ideal partner for healthcare providers looking to expedite and enhance their diagnostic capabilities.Contact us now to discover how our solutions can make a difference.

Fast and professional radiology
reporting in 4 simple steps

Try our service out and see what a difference it can make for your clinic and patients.
We invite any Health Professional or Imaging Practice to use our online upload service to upload high resolution patient images easily and quickly.
For routine cases, we will send you a detailed radiology report within 24 hours and can accommodate medical urgent requests even faster.

Upload your images

Upload or drag and drop your Jpeg or DICOM images.

Complete the form

Easy to understand online request form

Make Payment

Payment can be made by PayPal or Credit Card

Receive your report

We will send you a comprehensive radiology report within 24 hours and can accommodate medical urgent requests even faster.

PRO’s Offsite Radiology Reporting

At PRO, we understand the unique needs and demands of healthcare providers. That is why, our remote radiology reporting service has been specifically designed to complement and seamlessly integrate with your existing processes. 

We also offer a routine 24-hour turnaround time for the receipt of reports. Our dedicated team of experienced radiologists is on hand 24/7, primed to deliver timely, accurate and clinically relevant reports that meet the highest standards of quality. 

One-off uploads are also available for those looking to trial our services. You will quickly experience the profound impact that our precision radiology reporting can have on your clinic and patients.


Comprehensive Offsite Radiology Reporting

Our remote radiology reporting service is not just about delivering accurate reports promptly. It’s also about providing effective offsite solutions that bridge the gap between clinics and radiology specialists. 

To make it simple for you to upload patient images, we have a friendly platform interface that allows you to upload images in JPEG or DICOM formats. We’ve also put together strong quality checks and processes, including detailed credential reviews, regular clinical audits, careful report examinations, and ongoing improvements. 


Global Expertise for your Offsite Radiology Reporting 

PRO’s remote radiology reporting service brings global expertise to your doorstep. Our international network of specialist radiologists is on call around-the-clock to deliver accurate, timely, and high-quality reports.This means that regardless of your location, you will have direct access to world-leading radiologists for your reporting needs.

Through our remote reporting services, we bring the world’s best medical imagers into a virtual room, collaborating to deliver the best possible health outcomes for your patients. We strive to enhance the level of patient care and improve diagnosis accuracy, enabling healthcare providers to deliver the best possible treatment options to their patients.

Our Difference

With an Australian base and an international team represented across all continents, we have a unique culture. We truly think globally and act locally and our dedication and focus on the individual healthcare professional and patient is unparalleled.

Our business has no borders, and our service has no limits. Every report represents a human being, and our motivation comes from our desire to deliver the best possible health outcomes.

Dedicated Teleradiology

We work as an extension of your team, whether it's overnight coverage or daytime support.

One off Uploads

Try out our service and experience what difference it can make to your clinic and patients.
Operating 24 hours a day. Around the clock service.

24 hr report turnaround

Routine 24hr report turnaround with Medically Urgent Services also available.
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Highly trained specialists

Our radiologists are highly experienced in all diagnostic modalities and subspecialties.

The Benefits of PRO’s Remote Radiology Reporting Service 

When you pick PRO’s Remote Radiology Reporting Service, you’re choosing a partner you can rely on. Our platform is all about making things easier for you, from fast image uploads to smooth reporting. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us-

  • Dedicated Teleradiology: We operate as an extended arm of your team, providing support for both overflow and routine cases. 
  • One-off Uploads: You can try out our service by uploading your images, experiencing first-hand the impact we can make on your clinic and your patients.
  • 24/7 Service: We have specialist radiologists on standby 24/7, ready to deliver their services.
  • Report Turnaround: Understanding the priority of patient care, we have a routine 24-hour report turnaround policy.
  • Experienced Specialists: Our radiologists bring a wealth of experience across all diagnostic modalities and subspecialties, ensuring unmatched service quality.
  • Accurate Reporting: Accuracy and clinical relevance are the twin pillars of our reporting services. We constantly strive to deliver the most precise reports possible.

Hear it from the clients themselves

Our purpose is to support your clinic with better and more efficient
diagnostic tools to achieve better patient health outcomes.
Here is what some of our clients are saying….

PRO saved me over $1,000 per week in wages by administering my Medicare Compliance & Billing and significantly increased the speed of cashflow into my bank account! Thanks team PRO!

David Sloane, Compass Mobile Imaging, NSW

Thanks again for another prompt x-ray report PRO. Can’t recommend your team more.

Dr Nash Anderson, Tuggeranong Chiropractic, ACT

‘PRO’s service has proved to be a trusted, proactive, and reliable source for our Imaging Practice and our referrers. Nothing we ask of you is refused and makes our jobs that much easier. Thank you!

Renee Zach, GIG Radiology, VIC

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Radiology Reporting

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How fast can I receive my radiology reports from PRO?

How do I try PRO's offsite radiology reporting services?


Preferred Rates for
PROPACS clients

PROPACS is a cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) with an in-built report request function. With PROPACS you will not only have the ability to securely archive your diagnostic images and reports, but you will also have easy access to specialist radiologists from the comfort of your clinic.

As a PROPACS client, we provide a cost effective teleradiology platform ensuring the best possible patient outcomes 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.